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Fort Frye High School Participates in Problem Scenario Project 

Published 11/22/2019

In a partnership with Building Bridges to Careers teachers at Fort Frye High School participated in the Problem Scenario Project this Fall. This project focuses on strengthening the connections between industry and the classroom by bringing together teachers and representatives from local businesses to collaboratively present a real-world problem for students to solve. Together the teacher and business partner look over their learning standards and find a commonality between what they teach, and a real-life application the business partner has found in their career. Participating this year included Guidance Counselor, Mary Beth Schultz and Agricultural Educator, Abby Motter. Schultz worked with community expert, Jena Huffer who serves as a Cost Accountant for Memorial Health System to create a problem that was presented to Angie Henniger's Resource Room Math Class Grades 9-12. Their problem connected math to accounting and the medical fields by challenging students with the task of creating a Cost Analysis for Surgical Procedures. Prior to Huffer coming, Schultz and Henninger had students practice with Google Sheets and define surgery and accounting vocabulary. When Jena Huffer came into the class to present her problem, she also reviewed her job pathway and her designed spreadsheets. Students had two scenarios of surgical procedures, one where the procedure led to a profit, and one to a loss. Students had to make adjustments to the loss scenario to earn a profit. Each student presented their budget suggestions to Huffman and she offered feedback as to whether those changes were feasible. Abby Motter worked with both her Plant and Animal Science course, and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources course. Partnering with her Plant and Animal Science course was Jay Huck of Huck Greenhouses. Students had been learning about the anatomy of plants, plant nutrition and pests. Huck’s problem focused on the implementation of a new crop into a greenhouse operation, specifically the introduction of Hemp. As a recently approved crop in Ohio, students were tasked with analyzing all legal requirements and licenses required, what it needs to grow, and the consumer perceptions of the crop. In the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Class, students worked with Melinda Witten of Ohio Farm Bureau and Witten Farm Market and Greenhouse. Students were not only introduced to a problem, but also participated in an interactive demonstration of Parliamentary Procedure and learned more about the organization of Ohio Farm Bureau. The problem students had to solve was how to get more students interested in agricultural careers, especially students without an agriculture background or from urban areas. Both classes worked in groups and presented their findings to the business partners, who provided valuable feedback. The Problem Scenario Project is a great way for students to interact with careers in the community and make the connection of learning to real-world application. This program is offered to teachers each year through Building Bridges to Careers.


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